Dance: Tobi Tobias

April 18, 1994, New York Though the company suffered from temporary amnesia concerning Doris Humphrey, it had the sense to draw on past glories with the revival of three character studies choreographed mid-century by Daniel Nagrin. Two from 1948 were presented in tandem: Strange Hero and Spanish Dance. The first epitomizes a type-the anti-hero of … Continue reading Dance: Tobi Tobias

Nagrin on How to Dance Forever

Friday May 7, 1982 Lois Greenfield Daniel Nagrin will perform two works tomorrow at the Studio Theater. By Jennifer Dunning Daniel Nagrin has an unmistakable style. His dances are dramatic. His way of moving, with the intense, precise deliberation of an animal can be stunning. Say that to Mr. Nagrin, however, and his reaction is … Continue reading Nagrin on How to Dance Forever

Nagrin’s Revived Visions

The Washington Post Tuesday, October 10, 1995 By Suzanne Carbonneau Special to The Washington Post For these too young to have seen the work of modern dance pioneer Daniel Nagrin performed by the choreographer himself, Shane O’Hara’s “The Nagrin Project,” presented at Dance Place on Saturday, came as a surprise with the force of revelation. … Continue reading Nagrin’s Revived Visions

A Lesson From The 1940s: Expression In Just A Few Bold Strokes

March 25, 1994 Julie Lemberger Carl Flink performing in Daniel Nagrin’s “Strange Hero” at the Joyce Theater. By Anna Kisselgoff Today’s experimental choreographers could learn a thing or two from the solos that Daniel Nagrin created in the 1940’s. Three are part of the Limón Dance Company’s current season and the first two, revived on … Continue reading A Lesson From The 1940s: Expression In Just A Few Bold Strokes