This and That: Jewishness in the Dances of Daniel Nagrin

Dance Scholar Diane Wawrejko, PhD, MFA, CMT, will present “This and That: Jewishness in the Dances of Daniel Nagrin” at the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Conference at Arizona State University (ASU), to be held October 13th-15th 2018.

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Biography at Dance Voices:

Dr Diane Wawrejko

Abstract Excerpt:

In this paper, I examine American choreographer and dancer Daniel Nagrin’s choreographic method as a study in Jewishness… I argue that dancing Jewish not only resides explicitly through the selection of overtly Jewish themes, time, place, subject matter and tropes but also is posited implicitly in the strategies, methods, content and function used to create and perform concert dances. I ask, “In what ways do Daniel Nagrin’s dances tacitly affirm Jewishness through identity, questioning, agency and site?”