How To Dance Forever

How To Dance Forever: Surviving Against The Odds By Daniel Nagrin One of the country’s most distinguished and critically acclaimed solo dancers and choreographers debunks the myth that dancers must retire from professional life as performers in their early forties, when professionals in other fields are only beginning to do their best work. In How to … Continue reading How To Dance Forever

Dance And The Specific Image

Dance And The Specific Image: Improvisation By Daniel Nagrin “This book is written by a master–a master teacher, performer, philosopher, and explorer. Its mastery is evident from the scope and clarity of its intention. The book bristles with Nagrin’s inherent energy and directness. He is on of the few artists I know who has been … Continue reading Dance And The Specific Image

The Six Questions

The Six Questions: Acting Technique For Dance Performance By Daniel Nagrin All the study and practice is accomplished through dance movement and none of it through play at scenes. “We are offered illuminating, well researched and generously human information out of which great performances are made. Bravo Daniel!” –Bill T. Jones, The Bill T. Jones/Arne … Continue reading The Six Questions

Daniel Nagrin: A Chronicle Of His Professional Career

Daniel Nagrin: A Chronicle of His Professional Career, by Christena L. Schlundt, University of California Press, ISBN 0-520-09813-7 This chronology covers Mr. Nagrin’s entire dance career up to and including his professorship from 1982 to 1992 at Arizona State University. It includes reviews, commentaries, location and dates of most of his performances.