Jenna Beardsley: Historical Profile On Daniel Nagrin

In advance of Dogtown Dance Theatre’s upcoming dance performances restaged by Shane O’Hara based on the work of Daniel Nagrin, Jenna Beardsley profiles Nagrin’s art, process and legacy.

Dogtown Dance Theatre Presenter’s Series 2021 performance dates are Fri Apr 30, Sat May 1 and Sun May 2. Virtual performances will be available beginning May 7.

From Jenna Beardsley, “Historical Profile: Daniel Nagrin,” Dogtown DanceTheatre Blog:

“Hallmarks of Nagrin’s career are his work as a solo artist, infusing jazz into modern dance, and insisting that his pieces have an “inner life” — an intensity and momentum that expresses an inward meaning, not just an outward display of technical skill. Nagrin was known for solos that investigated character in intimate and analytical ways. He would portrait highly specific characters of American life, letting archetypes form a gestural movement style with narratives that unpacked a social consciousness and self awareness.”

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Historical Profile: Daniel Nagrin

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